Sunday, May 3, 2015


Last Tuesday my friend, Laurie posed for our portrait group...and this looks nothing like her except for her hair. lol Well, maybe the chin and neck too. 

When I finished the portrait above I did a quick sketch of two of the other artists...Kathy is on the left and Anne is on the right.

Every Day in May - May 3rd - curtains
(These are in my living room.)


  1. Joan, I do love your curtains!! And I love how you've handled the ladies' hair!

  2. I bet I'd recognize Laurie in a crowd........! But unfortunately I'd probably not remember her name. I'd think, "gee she looks familiar." I'm sure you captured an essence of her.

  3. Joan, You've captured a lovely expression of your friend Laurie!
    LOVE your magnolias from a few posts back! Stunning! You've been so prolific and I've enjoyed catching up on your latest work!

  4. Dear Joan - I think your portrait of your friend looks wonderful. Loved the other one of Kathy and Anne too. As for the curtains - super job. Your shadows in the folds really make them real. Take care and have fun with this challenge. Hugs!

  5. Thanks Sherry!

    Carol, thanks. She posed once before and I got a better likeness of her.

    Wendy, thanks so much.

    Debbie, thanks!!!