Wednesday, January 28, 2015

30 Pantings in 30 Days - Day 28 - Canyon Sky

The 30 day challenge is continuing. If you want to see the work of the other artists you can check Leslie Saeta's blog here:
Voting takes place on Sea Dean's blog:

"Canyon Sky" is my day 28th painting for the challenge. It was painted from a photo I took at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. This is 5 x 7.

Canyon Sky by Joan Tavolott

With all the snow we had in the last two days I was snowbound at home yesterday. I put some of my time to good use in the morning by doing a sketch of the snowy view outside my bedroom window.

Later in the day I wanted to sketch some of the action outside. My windows all face the same view of the trees. So I donned several layers of clothes, put on my warm hat, gloves, and scarf as well as my boots and headed outside. I walked around our development looking for an indoor spot where I could have a view of the parking lot. There were snowplows and people digging out their cars everywhere. The community building was open but only the foyer had a view of the parking lot. I stood inside by the door and sketched a view of one of the tenants clearing out their car. (My car was safely inside my garage but hadn't yet been plowed out by the snowplows.) I guess it was a productive day!


  1. Love the snow paintings! My favorite is the action in the parking lot. So much better than a photo!

  2. Joan - just so glad to see that the snowstorm didn't cause too much trouble for you. When I heard it was to hit Long Island I immediately thought of you and was praying you would be alright. Love your sketches - does look like being snowbound didn't stop you from making the most. Loved seeing the snow on your porch from your previous post. Hope everything is back in order now. Hugs!

  3. Love these, Joan! You are an intrepid sketcher and painter -- a few snowflakes won't keep you from your brush! ;-)

  4. Wow, you did make good use of your time. I agree with Michele, better than photos!

  5. Thanks, Michele. It was fun to sketch the action.

    Debbie, thanks so much for thinking about me. The good thing about being retired is that I don't HAVE to go anywhere. I only go out if I want and how could I resist sketching what was happening.

    Tina, thank you. If it is there I need to sketch it. lol

  6. Your work is always so interesting but I think the bottom one of the blizzard /snow is absolutely a keeper. A wonderful record of the aftermath.