Monday, January 5, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 5 - Mediterranean Blues

Here is my painting for Day 5 of Leslie Saeta's challenge. This was done from a photo I took in September when we were on our cruise. I made sure I was up every morning for sunrise.

Mediterranean Blues by Joan Tavolott

Yesterday I went with the NYC Urban Sketchers to the Brooklyn Museum. They had an exhibit called "Killer Heels" with high heels from the present and going way back in history to the 1620s or earlier. Some of the shoes were really impressive, but I was very thankful that I wasn't wearing any of the ones I saw and my feet were safe in very comfy shoes.

These colorful red shoes caught my could they not? If the pair on the right weren't so outrageously high you also had to tie them around your feet with leather straps!

These were worn by women in the Ottoman Empire at the bathhouses to keep their feet dry...just how wet were their floors? lol

The pair on the right was beautiful. The ones on the left didn't look so comfortable.

After lunch I headed upstairs and sketched a statue of Robert Fulton. It was a big statue and needed to stretch onto a second page. 

The rest of the sketches from the day were of people. I'll post those tomorrow.

World Bog Hop update: My friend, Tina Koyama ( did her post for the World Blog Hop last Monday and nominated Michele Cooper to participate this week. Here is a link to the post Michele did today...She is a great writer as well as a wonderful artist. Please stop by an visit her won't be sorry! I went over last week to preview her blog and have been going back since.


  1. Nice! I am enjoying your 30 day challenge. I think this kind of goal gives us permission not to worry about the subject, just draw. These and the others so far a really enjoyable to view.

    BTW, I have visited your Around the World Blog Hop a few times. Enjoyed it so much. Mine is up as of today! Yay!

  2. The sky in "Mediterranean Blues" is just outstanding Joan!

  3. What an interesting subject you chose at the museum. Those were some great shoe sketches, and they look like the would be fun to sketch. I like your statue also. The non-waterproof ink worked well for this. Another thing I gotta try.

  4. Thanks so much, Michele! I really enjoyed your World Blog Hop post!

    David - Thanks!!!

    Mickey, that's the fun part of going out with the group. There is such a variety of places we sketch. LOL

  5. Joan, love what you are doing in your 30 day challenge. It is too late for me to join, but I will do my own 30 days challenge. I have 3 more paintings to do today. Happy Painting.

  6. Thanks, Joan. I figured this would force me to paint a little more instead of just sketching.