Monday, January 26, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 26 - Yellow Irish Sky

Today is day 26 of the "30 Paintings" challenge. You can see more of the artwork on Leslie Saeta's blog here: And vote if you want at Sea Dean's blog here:

Today's painting "Irish Yellow Sky" was painted from a reference photo I took in Kilmore Quay, Ireland.

Yellow Irish Sky by Joan Tavolott

I needed an ocean fix so I headed down to Smith Point Beach to visit the water. It was a windy day so the waves looked pretty good. Even though the temperature was probably warm enough to sit out and paint if I bundled up, the wind made it too difficult, so I painted this from my car. It was done in my sketchbook with oil pastels as a resist and watercolors.

Winter Waves by Joan Tavolot


  1. That golden sky is so beautiful. The composition is excellent. I have painted at Kilmore and you have captured the feeling in such a stunning way!

  2. Thanks, Michele. I really liked it there.

    Hi, Helen. Thanks!

  3. I need an ocean fix right about now. These are beautiful Joan.

  4. Carol - Thanks! You can get your fill. Glad I went yesterday and didn't wait. The snow would have made it a little iffy for the next few days.

  5. Love the waves, Joan....nice work...

  6. The backlit clouds are amazing. Glad you painted in your car because these are great.

  7. Gorgeous clouds from Ireland, I think it is funny how the sky seems different when we visit a place. I love the yellow and gray combination.
    I love your ocean painting, it is hard to capture those waves but you did an incredible job!

  8. Thanks so much, Hilda.

    Julie, thank you. It is still too cold to sit outside as much as I want to. lol

    Celia, thanks! I like painting clouds...although I'm getting pretty tired of them right now. lol The ocean waves were fun for a change of pace. Today I sketched snowy trees from our blizzard.