Tuesday, January 20, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 20 - City Sunset

I can't believe that January is 2/3 over already...how did that happen? My Christmas tree is still up!!!!

Here is the link to Leslie Saeta's blog where all the artwork for the "30 Paintings in 30 Days" is being displayed. It is definitely worth a look. http://lesliesaeta.blogspot.com

If you would like to vote on Sea Dean's "Paint a Masterpiece" blog here is the link:

Today's painting was done from a photo taken my my niece , Kathleen Szalay Hoffmann (the professional dancer living in Australia) a few days after Christmas when we were driving back from Maine. We were crossing the Whitestone Bridge in Queens with this breathtaking sunset over the city. She snapped a picture and gave me a copy of it, since I was driving and couldn't take one. Thanks Kathleen!

City Sunset by Joan Tavolott
from a photograph by Kathleen Szalay Hoffmann


  1. You have done a lot of beautiful sky paintings in this challenge and I think this one is pretty well one of the most spectacular.

  2. Great sunset, Joan. The silhouette of skyscraper and the clouss in the sky give the scene a nice mood. Beautiful !

  3. Thanks so much Julie, Jiyoung and Oty!

  4. Hi Joan, your watercolor skies are lovely. We have a little over a week to go now!

  5. Love your watercolor skies, also. Watercolor is something I haven't been able to work with. I've done oils for many many years, and the concept of leaving the white just doesn't get through to my brain. Skies are so wonderful to paint.

  6. Thanks, Karen. The time is flying by.

    Doris, thank you so much!