Monday, July 2, 2012

Small Sketches Part II

Here are a few more of my sketches done directly in ink. It is getting a little easier now.

This is an ice cream shop in Bellport.

And my hanging flowers on my patio.

This was from a photo taken in Charleston, SC.

This was from a photo taken in North Carolina.

This is the Montauk Lighthouse done from a photo I took.


  1. I just think all of these are wow sketches, Joan. I love each and every one of them and found myself wishing I could draw as well!

  2. Sherry - Thank you. It is a challenge to work directly in in. I miss my pencil!

    Carol - Thanks so much.

  3. Each of these sketches are beautiful, Joan. The ice cream shop is beautifully detailed. I thought of you yesterday while reading the Part II of newsday. They had an article on The Lavender on the Bay. I expected to see you there sketching...!!

  4. Barns, ice cream shop, flowers, fountains -- you've done all the best places!!! What a treat they are Joan!! Wonderful work!

  5. Hilda - Thanks! How funny that they had an article. I'll have to look for it when I get home.

    Lin - Thanks so much!

  6. Bravo, Joan, for going directly with ink! These are awesome... you don't need no stinkin' eraser! :-)

    - Tina