Friday, July 27, 2012

Plants By the Shed

On Tuesday my plein air group met at alocation in East Patchogue that grows roses. Although we weren't allowed in the greenhouses, we were allowed to paint in the front garden. I had to make sure to get the bicycle done quickly because the woman who owned it was planning on leaving by 11:30. l


  1. Now that is one delightful building that I think would make one darned awesome studio! Beautiful views, lots of windows, perfect size...All it needs is heat and AC and you'd probably never get me out of there!

  2. Joan I agree with Crimson Leaves - that would make a wonderful studio. Love your watercolor painting. Such a wonderful subject to paint. (I don't think I could paint a bicycle to save my soul - you did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Another wonderful painting Joan!
    This one is so very peaceful. Love the lights and darks. Especially the greens.

  4. A beautiful watercolor, Joan. You seem to find such interesting places!!! Nobody knows the Island like you!! LOL

  5. Another lovely plein air painting Joan and another problem with plein air too that you've just highlighted. Things just keep moving around all the time. Oh I have so much to learn... :-) Take care. Laura x

  6. I am always so impressed with all your plein air work. I wouldn't last outside 5 minutes!

  7. Sherry - Thaks. It is the perfect size for a studio, but may smell a little from fertilizer. lol

    Debby - Thanks. That was only the second bike I ever painted. They are hard!

    Michael - Thanks so much.

    Hilda - Thanks. Our plein air group goes to a lot of nice spots.

    Laura - Things do change while you're plein air painting. Thanks.

    Carol - I love painting outdoors. Thanks!

  8. Absolutely wonderful!! YOu did such a great job on the perspective of those raised beds!