Saturday, June 30, 2012

Small Sketches

I signed up to participate in the 75 Day Challenge on Flickr where you sketch something directly in ink for 75 days. Here are a few sketches that I did that way.
This was done at the Planting Fields Arboretum in one of the gardens.
A still life I set up at home.

A day at the beach.

A Tuscan stairway from a photo.

A drive thru convenience store.

I will be back with more of these.


  1. Well done, it isn't easy to sketch direct in ink. You make it look easy.

  2. These are wonderfully fresh and appealing! Well done!

  3. Ann - Thanks. I am still practicing!

    Brinda - Thanks so much.

    Sherry - Thanks!

  4. As usual, they are great. I am doing the FB 75 day challenge in Pen and ink. I am not using colour yet.

  5. oh honey -- each of these are an absolute delight!! i love the gardens, the beach scene, the still life -- a jewel -- each of them!! GREAT JOB!