Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Downtown Athens, Georgia

This past weekend we went down to Athens, GA for my nephew's wedding. Of course I took my sketchbooks. It was hot, but I took my small book out with me when I walked there at 7 before it got too hot. This is a view up College Avenue from right in front of the college.

The second day I sketched the Georgia Theater on Clayton and Lumpkin Streets.

I did the sketches directly in pen for my 75 day challenge and added the color in the comfort of my air conditioned room back at the hotel.


  1. Beautifully done, Joan! You sure were brave venture out in such a blistering time of the year! GREAT job on both of these!! CONGRATS to your nephew too!

  2. Fabulous work, Joan! I really love the theater piece.

  3. Lin - Thanks so much!

    Sherry - Thanks. It was the theatre that a lot of popular musical acts got their start.