Thursday, September 22, 2022

Trip to Norwalk

On Saturday my friend, Suzala's husband was going to a robotics competition in Norwalk, CT.  She wanted to go along and sketch in the town. We invited another friend who lives close to CT to join us for the day. Suzala drove us around so we could see some of the sights that she though would be good sketch locations. We all loved this spot which is the Norwalk River Railroad Bridge. None of us was fast enough to capture a train crossing the bridge, but we had a lot of fun sketching it. I knew it was a bit much to tackle doing it directly in watercolor (which Suzala did) so I sketched it directly in ink and added watercolor. We were glad we picked this location because we found out later that this bridge is scheduled to be replaced in the near future. I'm sure the new one won't be as interesting.

In the afternoon I headed up the street to sketch the Sono (South Norwalk) Switch Tower Museum. That staircase was quite a subject. lol The person inside had noticed that I was sketching it and came out to see the sketch when I finished. He liked it enough that he asked if he could take a photo of it. Of course I said yes.


  1. Wow, you tackled quite a staircase -- very nicely done!

  2. The bridge and staircase are both intimidating to sketch. Much applause to you!