Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Garden Wall With Flowers

Last Wednesday, the Patchogue Sketch Club got permission to sketch at a lovely private garden in Patchogue. The location was in a spot pretty much hidden from most people. It was off of a busy service road of one of our highways. At the end of a long driveway was a house with property that went back to the water on Palace Brook Lake (which most of us didn't even know was there). The property is beautifully landscaped around a small section of the lake with walled areas of flowers, a dock, a rowboat, etc. There was a subject to make everyone happy! It was a definite respite from the madness of Sunrise Highway which was so close that the traffic could be heard. Apparently there was a big wooded area at one time between the road and the house, but as the highway was built much of it was used for the service road so the wooded buffer was cut down. Sadly, the owners are selling the property so we won't get a chance to sketch there again.

I sketched one of the walled areas and the flowers.


  1. How fortunate that your group got permission to sketch there! Lovely flowers!

  2. Nice place to sketch and you did a beautiful job.