Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Trees and Wreaths

On Christmas Eve I went out to do some errands and took along my sketchbook. I found a local place that was selling trees and wreaths. It amazed me while I sat there how many people stopped to buy trees at the last minute. My tree has been up for a few weeks, and OK it is artificial so I can do it way ahead of time. But I don't think I would want to be decorating a tree on Christmas Eve.

It seemed so strange yesterday when I drove past a large Christmas tree lot and saw them loading the unsold trees back onto a truck. I wonder where they were going.

I keep forgetting to attach this photo. When I was sketching with the Urban Sketchers last week we sketched indoors for a while. We were in a very upscale mall at Columbus Circle and downstairs there was a Whole Foods Market. There was an area near the escalator with tables. One of the other sketchers came into the building, looked over the railing by the escalator, and saw all of us below busy sketching. I thought it was such a fun perspective to take a photo from. My thanks to Lance for the photo. I am in the red sweater along the bottom of the table.


  1. Love this, Joan! When I was a child, I remember my Dad buying a tree very close to Christmas Eve...I couldn't do that now...I as well, have an artificial tree which I decorate the first of December and enjoy it a bit longer.. I caught up with all your wonderful sketches...LOVE the lobster !!
    Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!

  2. Thanks, Hilda. I guess I'm spoiled. I like keeping my tree up for a long time and can't do that with a real one.

  3. I know that many traditions involve putting up the tree Christmas Eve. I've always felt the season comes and goes too quickly as it is and I just have to put my tree up at Thanksgiving. Love the point-of-view of the photo too and the painting is just lovely, Joan!!

  4. I agree with you, Sherry! I love the holidays and like having the tree up as long as possible.