Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Day Trip to Delft

When the symposium was over we did a day trip to Delft, home of the famous pottery. It is only about 35 minutes by train. Delft is similar to Amsterdam in that it has canals and old buildings but the pace is much calmer since there are really so few people compared to Amsterdam.

My first sketch was of the Old Kerk, or Old Church. It is tilted about 2 meters to the right...doesn't look safe to me but they say it is.

The Deflt kissing girl and boy welcomed us.

Delft has a pretty windmill, the de Roos Windmill.

The buildings were similar to those in Amsterdam, especially the roofs.

We went to a Delft pottery shop and the woman was painting the pottery.



  1. Can’t thank you enough for taking us on your trip.

  2. It has been many many years since I was there and thats the advantage of old buildings...they don't change. Great job of capturing the feel of being there and also
    for the tourist pics too! I loved the post.

  3. Some wonderful photos Joan and sketches too. I like the kissing couple - lol. Great job on the windmill - they are tough to paint.

  4. Your pictures and sketches took me back down the memory lane when I did a late autumn day visit in Delft about 4 years ago. Highlight of that day was going inside the deRoos Windmill, climbing the steep stairs, watching how the miller adjusted the sailcloth to regulate the windmill speed, and admiring the view of the city from the wrap-around balcony.