Friday, May 11, 2018

Pump Hill Farm Friday

Weddjng preparations are underway. The tent for the reception is up and the tables art arranged. I think all the guests have arrived. Last night Kathleen and Fionn hosted a big bbq dinner for everyone.

I did get out to sketch in the morning finishing my page of animal sketches as well as one of the “homestead” where Kathleen, Fionn and two other couples are staying.

Sorry I haven’t checked blogs much lately. The internet is slow here especially with my blog for some reason. If you are on FB I have been trying to catch you there since that works so much easier.


  1. These are beautiful and fun. Love the country scenes. This fits the Hunt. I’m smiling.

    1. Thanks Jo! Posting on here from the iPad is getting harder and harder.

  2. Fun pictures Joan. I think the fact that your are managing a sketch most days and posting the blog is amazing so ther eis no need to apologize for anything. Have fun!

  3. Love those animals! I'm amazed that you are keeping up with all your blogs and other social media while traveling -- and sketching too!

    - Tina