Friday, May 18, 2018

London Court, Perth

All the family is gone and we are here in Perth by ourselves. We are in a nice apartment a but if a walk from mist things, but I don’t mind. Perth’s buses inside the central zone are all free which is nice when you want to get back after walking all day. My hubby who is not a sight-seer actually apcam our walking a bud with me this morning to see where he could go for lunch and still find his way home. We passes London Court whic seemed so Britis and timely for the royal wedding...of course I stopped and sketched it and later did some shopping there. The have nice pedestrian mall to walk aroun free from traffic.

I ask sketched a very strange gepreen sculpture in one of the plazas.


  1. Such intricate work in that top sketch Joan. Lovely. That green sculpture is certainly different. Hope you continue to enjoy your travels. Hugs!

  2. Super sketches Joan - I really wonder about the sculpture art that is being done these days - so strange!

  3. I love the incredible details on the first watercolor Joan!! You're getting SO good!!!

  4. Beautiful architecture and very interesting sculpture. What was the artist thinking?

    1. Thanks, Jo. The sculpture was very odd. They have a lot of very modern sculptures around Perth.