Saturday, April 14, 2018

Still Life

On Wednesday our portrait model cancelled. She went to Cuba instead. So our organizer brought in a bowl of fruit to do a still life. I happened to have a vase with artificial flowers in it that I was holding for someone who forgot it at our sketch night the week before, so I went out and grabbed that and two colorful scarves that I had in my car. I think it worked fairly well together.


  1. Great thinking! That turned out really well. Love the fold shadows and water distortion in the vase.

    1. Thanks, Mel. It is fun to do a still life now and then.

  2. Such a beautiful change for you, Joan. Excellent still life..,very colorful!!!

  3. Cleaver girl to have something that made what could have been a boring subject into something with more pizazz . Nice sketch Joan

  4. Val, thanks. I'm glad I had something along to spice things up.