Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Lately I haven't had much practice doing portraits. My one art group lost our meeting place back in January when the pipes froze and then burst in the building where our sketch nights were held. I don't know if they even started the repairs...you know how long it takes if repairs have to be made to a town building. Then the other art group has cancelled a few sessions. It was good to get in a sketch session last week when Gerri posed for us. 


  1. Gerri looks serene. Must have been a good book! Nice portrait.

  2. Mel, she was reading James Patterson. It helped her stay nice and comfortable. Thanks.

  3. Too bad about your sketching groups Joan but you have managed to keep busy sketching even if not too many portraits got done. This picture of Gerri is a nice one. I like the patterning of the top and the hair is super. Reading is one way to keep your subject still - lol.