Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Crab Meadow

We finally had a warm, sunny day last week so I headed to Crab Meadow Beach in Northport. This is a Long Island treasure that once the summer season starts I can’t go to because I am not a resident. It was a perfect day to sit and paint so I did two sketches, one in watercolor and one in watercolor and ink. It was a perfect day.

Today's posting from my iPad showed me I can post two images, but I can't change the size or go back and edit the post. I went back to my laptop to do both...but I won't be able to do that next week. You may have to adjust to seeing the sketches and photos as smaller images. :(


  1. Both sketches have endearing qualities to it. If I were to choose one over the other, I’d select the pure watercolor version. Glad you figured out blogspot posting on your iPad. I still can’t add pics using my Android or iPhone/iPad

  2. Wonderful sketches Joan. It's a shame we can't go to some of the beaches on Long Island unless we are residents.. I have a beach 2 blocks away that I enjoy in the Spring, Fall and beautiful days in the Winter but when the Summer arrives, I'm not allowed to go in unless I pay the seasonal fees. I used to do it when my girls were young but I don't go to the beach now that the girls are gone....😟

  3. Hmmm, I'm not familiar with beaches that are restricted to residents. I'm glad you got a bit of spring, though, to make these sketches! Lovely!

    - Tina

  4. These are both super Joan. I like the touches of ink in the second painting. Glad you are figuring things out for your trip. Small works too - lol.