Friday, August 26, 2016

The Convent

I would bet that there is a story for many of the buildings here in Venice. I wandered very close to our apartment this morning and found this lovely courtyard. I sat there to sketch and when I was nearly done this old gentleman came by who lived in one of the apartments. He had his shpopping cart and a cane. He came over and said, "Bella!" Then he started telling me the story of the building in Italian. He asked if I understood and I said no. When he realized I spoke English he spoke a bit in the limited English that he Knew. The water cistern which is now covered with flowers is from the 1300s. The building was a convent for a long time and at night the doors would be locked and only the sisters would be allowed inside. At times like this I wish I could communicate in other languages. It would have been nice to understand the rest of the story.


  1. Dear Joan what a wonderful sketch. Isn't amazing to stand in a place that is centuries old. One may almost here those sacred voices from the past. So glad you shared. Hugs!

  2. Does it make you recognize how young America is? When I first came to the US I lived on the east coast and what they called old appeared so young. It blows my mind that "that water cistern" was built 300 years before the Mayflower landed...give or take his correct knowledge. So happy you are painting these wonderful paces and sharing them with us.

  3. Thanks Debbie. The age of these buildings is amazing.

    Julie, it is amazing when you consider what we consider "old" buildings in the srptates. We don't know from old. Glad to share.