Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Prayers in Italy

We woke up to news that a powerful earthquake hit central Italy about 100 miles from Rome. About 125 people were killed in a few small towns that were devastated by the quake. My prayers go out for the victims and their families.

Today I went to La Salute, a beautiful church here in Venice. After saying a few prayers I sat down to sketch a bit of the interior. I bought a Fabriano softcover sketchbook the other day and used it for this sketch.

Then I went outside to sketch the exterior. It is too large for me to do the entire building so I focused on the top of the buildIng.

Later in the day I sketched some people at an outdoor restaurant and people walking be. I think my people directly in ink has gotten a little rusty.


  1. You sure captured the vastness of the interior. hard to believe these wonderful buildings were done without the modern day equipment.
    Such sad news about the earthquake. yes - prayers.

  2. Beautiful sketches. Loved the shopping story, and the piano, too. Do you have a Fit Bit to count your steps?
    Sad about the earthquake ... And scary. Good thoughts for those folks.

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  4. So glad to hear you are all right! I thought of you over there and wondered if you were close to the quake.

    - Tina

  5. Thanks, Julie They are impressive structures.

    Hi, Michael. Thanks.

    Jo, I left my Fitbit home. It never works right for me. Thanks for your comments.

    Tina, thanks for thinking about us.

  6. Your buildings are incredible and so is the market. Did you eat fish? Lol

  7. I like the sketches of the church. Glad that the earthquake wasn't near you.

  8. Rosette, thanks I bought gambrini.

    Mickey, me to. Thanks.