Saturday, August 20, 2016

Canal side

We had a busy morning. We checked out of our hotel, brought our suitcases to our rental apartment, and then went to the bus station to pick up a digital piano for my husband's music recording. Of course that meant taking it on the vaporetto to the apartment. I should have taken a video. It was very funny to be on a fairly crowded waterbuses with a digital piano on a box about 6 feet long. Now it is where it belongs for the next few weeks.

Since it was nearly 2 by this time I decided to stay local to paint and did an 8 x 10 painting. It isn't so easy to balance my larger palette and my paper and water too. Home When I go out I have a stool to rest my materials on. So it is a juggling act here. Lol Here is the painting.

Then I came back to the apartment, climbed the 3 flights of stairs (39 steps) to drop off my things and go shopping for food and staples. I was told there was a market in walking distance but I wasn't impressed, so I walked to a larger one and got lost coming back with 2 full bags. At least I got 8,309 steps so far...but I had to climb back up to the apartment. After unpacking I don't care about dinner any more, I'm having wine. Hope your day was fun too. Buona Sera!


  1. LOL, I can picture you on the crowded gondola with a digital piano. I imagine that you are totally worn out. All that exercise will come in handy for offsetting pasta and gelato.

  2. Joan -- your Venice sketching are so enchanting-- Looks like you're having a great time!!!! Super work -- miss you!

  3. A few weeks in Venice?! Wow, that's spectacular!


  4. Mickey, I' hoping this will make my legs stronger as well as burn some calories.

    Lin, thanks!!!

    Tina, my husband lets me paint and he works with musicians while we're here.

  5. LOL - definitely time for wine! pretty good painting for having to balance things - I see a stool on your list of purchases. Have a great time.