Thursday, August 25, 2016

Textured Walls

I am always amazed by the texture in the buildings here. On many buildings there is something (stucco?) covering the brick but it crumbles and falls off in spots. As you go along the canals there is often scaffolding up while repairs are being done. I wonder if the dampness affects it as well as most of the buildings are sitting in water. Anyway it gives me lots of texture to add to my paintings.

I stopped at the Realto Market this morning fo fish and veggies for dinner. I did a quick ink sketch while I was there. I haven't decided if I'm going to add color.


  1. The aged look is sought after in this country. For a while everyone was after the distressed appearance without the dampness!
    it is a delight for an artist to try and capture. I love the market scene. I guess that could be right outside the studio door on Farmers Market day.

  2. Those doorways remind me of Europe! Lovely texture and I especially like the soft colors!!!
    Your market piece is fine as is! But of course color will make it pop! Enjoy a creative week!

  3. Thanks so much, Julie. It amazes me that these buildings have stood for so long.

    Lynn, I am always attracted to the doorways and windows here in Italy. Thanks.

  4. super texture to work with - looks great Joan