Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sideshow Sketch Night - Part I

Some things are just so much fun. Last night I went with a group of friends to the Sideshow Sketch Night in Patchogue. We've gone before and it is such a lot of fun and you get to sketch so much. The models are burlesque performers who are in various states of dress/undress. lol Last night we were treated to Satine and Broody Valentino. As always the night begins with quick 5 minute poses and then moves on to longer poses...not more than 25 minutes. Except for the longer poses I find it almost impossible to sketch both of the models in the pose time. Here are a few of the 5 minute poses I sketched.

Satine was dressed in a corset and yes, she had several tattoos.

Broody Valentino came out in a purple robe, a purple g-string, purple pasties, and purple feathers.

This was one of the longer poses...maybe 20 minutes. For most of these I sketched in watercolor pencil and shaded with them too. 


  1. These are great, Joan -- I can tell you had fun! I love sketching costumed models, too.