Saturday, August 27, 2016

Behind the Gate

This was sketched from a ver quiet courtyard just near one of the vaporetto stops. I thighs it might be a hotel, but then I saw a man in the garden with what looked like a falcon on his arm. While I was painting several people came over to ask I know where I'm going. Lol I should bring along my iPad whiny has a good program downloaded to it called "". I downloaded the Venice Mao and now I don't need the Internet to use the map. I can type in a location and it shows on the map. It has come in handy several times.

I spent the afternoon at the beach on Lido. I sketched some of the people. The poor lady on the right is out of proportion to everyone else. That sometimes happens when I work directly in ink.


  1. such marvelous watercolors, Joan!!!! love them all!

  2. Your paintings of the buildings have been great - almost like being there - lol. I considered you people sketches to be independent of each other not part of a scene so I would not have noticed the out of wack perspective.

  3. Thanks, Lin!

    Val, you are too kind. Thanks.