Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Snowy Tree

When we were finally all dug out from the snowstorm I headed over to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Oakdale to paint the snow. I wanted to capture the snow before it softened too much and fell off the trees. I figured I would be able to sit in the parking lot and paint a view from my car. This tree was right in front of me and I couldn't resist that wonderful speckled bark. This time I had to leave the white of the paper for the snow. lol I'm happy with this one.


  1. I like both of these. You captured the cold, snowy feeling well.

  2. Gorgeous Joan! Love the bark, the bits of blue and the hint of warmth in the secondary tree. Perfection!

  3. Oh my word, both of these snowy paintings are beautiful.

  4. This is great! love the way you have painted it. The beautiful blue patch of snow in the crook of the branch from trunk makes my day.

  5. Joan this is just beautiful. Like the format you used too. Hope your snow is melting. We had some today- not much but a skiff. Hugs!

  6. Thanks, Mickey!

    Sheila, thanks so much. I love trees that have splotchy bark.

    Thanks so much Inkslinger!

    Julie, you are so sweet. Thanks!

    Jo, thank you!

    Debby, thanks! It is melting a bit but then refreezing. A little more is expected overnight. Have a good day and stay warm!