Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Snow Sketches

While I was at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum the other day I decided to take a walk around and sketch a few snow scenes. I took my small sketchbook, my Elegant Writer pen, my water brush, and a paper towel. I had my snow boots on as well as my hat and fingerless gloves. It was fun to stop in different locations as I walked and sometimes trudged through the snow. There were quite a few other people walking around too. Every once in a while I would hear this "swish" as a large pile of snow slid or slipped off a section of a tree. I made sure not to stand anywhere where it might land on me. lol These sketched took only a few minutes each. The Elegant Writer gets such lovely colors when you hit the ink with water. I didn't stay out too long because I didn't want the water or the ink to freeze.


  1. I love the black and white sketches Joan! More, more!!

  2. You're getting great shading with that pen! It's ideal for snow scenes.

  3. It is great for snow, Tina. Thanks!