Monday, February 22, 2016

A Gift

As our families grew we seem to have spread out across the country more. This summer my husband's nephew, Gary married his love, Julie. We were in Washington, DC for the wedding. Around Christmas I decided that I was going to try to do a small painting of one of their wedding photos. Since they went to Julie's family in GA for Christmas there was no rush to get it done. Of course I started it at the end of November and didn't touch it again until this past week because they were supposed to be coming up to NY for the first time since the wedding. They were really touched that I did the painting and loved it. Here it is for you to see.

Gary and Julie came up this weekend for my father-in-law's 95th birthday. Here is a photo of the family from the party on Saturday.

Left to right: Gary, Julie, Ada (my father-in-law's special friend), Pop, Karen (my sister-in-law). her daughter, Beth my husband, Jerry, and me.


  1. Beautifully painted Joan!! Amazing background patterns and I love the family photo....!!

  2. Great gift and photo to go with it! I like your trees in the next post, too.