Saturday, February 6, 2016

Animals, Animals

One day this week we had really mild temperatures. I decided to go out and actually paint/sketch outside of my car. I headed over to the Suffolk County Farm, which turned out to be a lot more muddy than I expected. I love sketching the cows there because if they are not out in the far pasture, they are eating at a trough and they usually stay put. I sat in my chair and started sketching when plop, plop, started to drizzle. It does make a bit of a problem because I was using wc pencils in addition to watercolors, but I kept going. The drizzle only lasted minutes.

Next I headed over to the sheep...who don't stay still. If someone walks by they all meander over to wherever that person stops. I ended up working on 3 small sketches on the same page adding to each as that sheep or a similar looking one looked like it was in the same position. I'm happiest with the one in the top right corner. I think I got his shaggy wool just about right.