Sunday, August 23, 2015

Paint the Great South Bay 2015 - Part I

I signed up to take part in a plein air event called "Paint the Great South Bay" being sponsored by SBAA, one of my local art groups. I think we had about 32 artists participating. This was the second year this has been held and I participated last year too. We could paint beginning on Wednesday and ending on Saturday. Each artist would be able to hang 2/3 paintings at the gallery at the end of the show.

The rules were to paint en plein air somewhere on the south shore of Long Island between Islip to the west and Mastic to the east and south of Sunrise Highway. It gave us a large area to find locations and after having my papers stamped for the event I met several other artists at Smith Point Beach on Wednesday evening. A few of us painted from the decks of the ranger's station which was empty at the time. It afforded a good aerial view of the beach in both directions. I was facing west, so the setting sun was in my eyes. In addition, the mosquitoes must have thought the Off I sprayed on my body was something delicious. I now have bites the size of Texas. LOL But we persevered. Here is the painting I did. This is about 7 x 10.

Here are a few photos from that evening.

My painting against the setting sun.

Watching the sun going down.

Gina Lento painting from the deck.

Mary Jane painting.

Getting darker as the mosquitoes increased.

Here are links to the paintings I did last year.


Tomorrow I'll post more from Paint the Great South Bay.


  1. Yikes -- I hate mosquitoes! An excellent painting under buggy circumstances!

  2. Yikes -- I hate mosquitoes! An excellent painting under buggy circumstances!

  3. As always, I love all you've done in the past several days, Joan. The lobsters are fabulous! Mosquitoes love me too. Darn it!

  4. Wonderful sketches, Joan!! It was nice seeing your sketches from last year as well.! I have bad reactions to mosquitos as well....nowadays we have to be careful keep an eye out on your bites!

  5. Thanks, Tina...scratch, scratch!

    Sherry, we must have sweeter blood. Thanks.

    Hilda, thanks. I always try as hard as I can not to touch them.

  6. Beautiful colors in your landscape, Joan! Thanks for sharing pictures of the event! I also enjoy seeing the posts from last year, which I missed.
    It is a bad year for mosquitoes here too.

  7. Thanks, Celia. It is a fun event...but exhausting.