Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Paint the Great South Bay 2015 - Part III

Friday started off as a rainy day...not what you want for a paint out. By noon it had stopped raining so I decided to meet two friends over by the water in Mastic. We were all set up working away at our easels when I saw a "plop" and then another "plop" in the water in front of my. Luckily I turned my paper support over immediately because it started to rain heavily. I ran to the car and put the painting inside. By the time I got back to my easel my palette was filled with water. I dumped the water out, but I swear my Windsor Green may never dry out. My friend, Marlene, was painting with pastels so she immediately covered those up and put them in her car. Apparently if pastels get wet they turn to dust when they dry. Lorraine had just done a wash in her sky and now had drops of rain making blooms. Here is Lorraine putting up an umbrella a little late.

Here is what the sky looked like. Would you have worried? LOL

After the rain stopped we all got back to work...this time I had my umbrella up.

Here is my finished painting. (8 x 10) This painting also went into the show.


  1. This painting event sounds like a lot of fun Joan - and right up your alley!
    Yes, I would have been worried by those clouds too!
    Love all your latest work. Nice pictures of you painting too!

  2. The landscape painting came out terrific, beautiful greens! All your struggles with the weather paid off!

  3. No harm, no foul. The skies are gorgeous and so is your painting, Joan!

  4. LOL - been there, done that! It was a fun read,

    Love the outcome. Your painting has captured the atmosphere of a gray day so well.

  5. Wonderful work, Joan. What an array of experiences and weather you had, all in just three days. Your paintings really give a feel for your location and your account makes me feel as though I'm right there with you.

  6. Thanks so much, Wendy!

    Celia, you know me...a little rain doesn't stop me. lol Thanks.

    Sherry thank you!

    Julie, we just went for it. lol Thanks.

    Michele, it was fun. Thanks so much.

  7. We've had a lot of rain here too in South Florida. I love your painting here Joan.