Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Paint the Great South Bay - Part 2

After a good breakfast I headed over to the Phoenix Gallery in Bellport to see what some of the other artists were up to. That was sort of our "home base" where we had snacks, water, and most important of all a restroom.

Next I headed back down to the Bellport dock and painted what I was told later is "rowboat beach." There are always colorful rowboats and kayaks pulled up on the beach there. I sat in the shade and I did the view of the boats with some of the larger boats in the marina and the yacht club on shore.

Here is my painting against the view.

Here is the painting itself.

By this time I figured I had done enough water scenes for the day and headed back into town.
Bellport is a small town with some cute stores and businesses. This is a local restaurant called "The Bellport." However on the outside all is says is "Restaurant."

Here is my painting of it.

I had other plans so I couldn't paint on Saturday. Can you guess which two paintings I submitted on Sunday for the show? I put in the sunrise and the boats on the beach. The show will be on exhibit until Sept 20th and we are having a reception on Sept. 7th from 1 - 4. It will be fun to see the paintings that were entered...too bad there wasn't room for them all.


  1. How do you get so much done, two fabulous scenes too

  2. Beautiful paintings! Love the curves on the boats!

  3. I think both paintings are fabulous, Joan. I love quaint towns like this and I would have chosen boats on the beach too!

  4. Joan - that restaurant painting as well as the boats is lovely. The word for the day regarding these works is charming. Makes me want to come visit both spots. Take care and have a wonderful end to your week.

  5. Sigh...... just lovely. Hope you have sales, too!

  6. Thanks Kitty, Lorraine, Wendy, Sherry, Debbie, Jo, and Carol. I guess I'm used to doing several paintings or sketches in one day. lol