Saturday, August 1, 2015

Stony Brook House

My plein air group went to Stony Brook this week near Avalon Park. I've sketched the park itself too many times, but have always wanted to sketch this house across the street. It is a little quirky with shutters that are loose...but that just gives it some charm in my opinion. It was a hot day so I tucked myself under the trees behind the park fence and I was very comfortable. A nice man came by who has been taking watercolor lessons and asked if he could watch for a while. We chatted and he asked a few questions about how I was painting. He lived in the neighborhood, so after asking if I wanted something cold to drink he walked home, grabbed his watercolors and joined me.

I am presently in DC for a wedding.  Photos to come.


  1. Nice! I bet the owner would love to have this painting!

  2. Delightful Joan, also my comment wouldn't work yesterday for some reason but wanted to say your commission turned out so well

  3. Excellent house painting, Joan. The flowers work so well with it as well.!