Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market

I successfully reached Nostrand Avenue on the Long Island Railroad on Saturday and navigated my way along the streets to find the Brooklyn Flea Market. I was a bit early and luckily it wasn't raining in the morning so I stood on the corner of Dean St and Franklin Ave to do a sketch of the outside area.

Then I headed inside, scoped the place out and settled down to sketch Brooklyn Watches.

There was a mixture of old and new merchandise. I liked the contrast of the old fur coats and the new canvas bags right next to them.

At lunch I sketched a few of the other sketchers.
Here is Jim.

And Elizabeth.

Where we ate lunch was a bit of a food court, but not the vendors you would see at the local mall.
I sketched the guys at the Porchetta table.

My last sketch was just a bit of the hectic shoppers milling about.

The sketchers that were left by 3:30 met at the restaurant/bar upstairs to share our sketches and have a drink before venturing out in the rain for our trips home. I'm glad we had a nice, dry location for our day of sketching.


  1. You can even make an industrial scene look good. Great pics. I wonder if you ever have a day when you don't paint a multitude of pieces.

  2. Your trip to Brooklyn looks awesome, Joan. Both yesterday and day before posts!

  3. Joan - your flea market is wonderful. I love how you captured the texture of the building. Had to smile at the fellas at the Porchetta table. Your sketches always make me see things through your artist eyes. Have a super day.

  4. Thanks so much, Polly! I do have a lot of days when I paint several things.

    Sherry, it was a lot of fun. Thank you.

    Debbie, you are so kind. Thanks!