Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sketching at Roast

My Wednesday evening sketch group met last night at Roast Coffe & Tea Trading Company in Patchogue. We have sketched there so many times and I was tired of sketching the counter, so I concentrated on the people instead. I used my Tombow marker and sketched directly with ink. I can sketch really quickly that way. I am really trying hard to do that more often so I am comfortable without my pencil and eraser all the time. 

I started with a hefty young man sitting on one of the couches and working on his computer.

Next I sketched a couple at one of the tables. I should have waited for her to put her arm in a more normal position. It looks rather strange.

Then I sketched a few of my fellow sketchers.
This is Liz.

Meet Sophia who was looking down at what she was sketching.

And finally here is Roseanne.


  1. Hi Joan, I have just enjoyed looking through your last week or two of sketches and as usual have thoroughly enjoyed myself. You have such a great variety of styles and subject matter. I LOVED the impromptu sketches on the shopping coupons - your choice of paper added a whole new dimension to the art and I think it would be a great idea to pursue it further for future work. These latest sketches without preliminary pencil work look great Joan. I did one of a hydrangea the other day and continue to enjoy the immediacy of going straight in with the ink. What have you used for the wash here? Is the ink waterproof or do you add water to it for the wash?

  2. You're getting great shading with the Tombow! Using water- soluble ink and a water brush is how I sketch most of the time, so i know how fast it is! But you're so prolific no matter what you use!

  3. Great sketches Joan. Never used a Tombow, I usually use water-soluble ink and water brush same as MiataGrrl.

    See you soon.

  4. You are so prolific with your sketches Joan and the pen sounds like a great idea for being fast and not so precious as rubbing out is not an option. Sounds like a good one to try for myself

  5. Thanks, Wendy! I like the way your ink and watercolor came out.

    Tina, it shades so nicely! Thank you.

    Joan, thanks. I've used other inks that bled before but this does it so nicely.

    Lorraine, thanks. I'm going to try another color when I get back to Dick Blick to shop.

    Carol, thank you. It is fun!