Monday, December 29, 2014

Ferry Sketches & Blog Hop Part II

Today I would like to direct you to visit two of my friends who will continue the World Blog Hop which I did last week.  Please make sure you hop over and visit both of their blogs. I know Jeanne and Tina through the internet and I always enjoy visiting their blogs. 
Jeanne Grant (  and I have known each other for quite a few years and have participated in many exchanges on Wet Canvas. Jeanne does wonderful pet portraits as well as other subjects ranging from portraits to landscapes to items from her many collections. Jeanne favorite medium seems to be colored pencil but she also works in graphite, watercolors, and pen. I know you will love her colorful paintings and drawings.

Tina Koyama ( is a true Urban Sketcher. Tina goes out in almost any kind of weather to sketch in her neighborhood or while traveling. Her blog also includes reviews of art materials and books. If you look back through her posts you can learn how she makes and binds her own sketchbooks. I am sure you will enjoy seeing her work.

If you haven't seen my post from the World Blog Hop you can find it here:

On Friday my husband and I headed up to Maine to visit family. Part of the trip included taking the Cross Sound Ferry from Orient Point, NY to New London, CT. There are always people to sketch, especially at the concession stand.

There are also always a few unsuspecting souls who I can sketch while they read or nap or whatever they are doing on the trip across.


  1. These are terrific Joan!!! Very well done!

  2. Hi Joan, I so enjoyed your blog hop post and I have already visited one of your nominated bloggers. I loved reading more about what goes on behind the scenes with your beautiful sketches and paintings. I also enjoyed seeing examples of some of your larger works.
    Your recent Christmas sketches and paintings have all been absolutely gorgeous and festive. I always love to visit your blog. I hope you are enjoying the festive season. Happy New Year!!

  3. Love your people sketches! You definitely got some character into the two guys. My only attempt at this type of thing at the OKC airport made my subject (who was playing with his phone) get up, glare at me, and change his seat.

  4. Thanks Lin!

    Wendy, thanks so much for your comments!!!

    Thanks,Mickey, lol The bald man was right across from me but the other two were quite a distance away. I never had anyone get up and move on purpose.