Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Cookies

I have been getting in the spirit these last few days and did a lot of baking...no, I didn't do all the cookies I have listed, but I did enough. lol It seems the more I bake the more I eat so I have to be careful. Want some? I have plenty to share.

If you haven't seen my "Blog Hop" post from yesterday yet, please scroll down one day and see it. Also make sure you hop over and look at Jo Castillo's blog. The link is provided. I've been trying to follow the trail of blogs that led to Jo's and led to me. It is fun to visit different blogs don't you think?

I hope all your holiday preparations are done!


  1. This is awesome, Joan -- love the colors and all of it!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Did you bake them, or just sketch about baking them? Nice sketch....makes me want to eat cookies.

  3. Thanks, Lin! I thought about your journal pages while I was doing it.

    Mickey, I did bake...but not all the ones I listed. I cut back a lot so I wouldn't have extras around for too long.