Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tree Lot

I've still been riding around looking for Christmas tree lots while they are here.
This one was right in town with a small strip mall right behind it.


  1. Wow, Joan, your work is absolutely delightful. I admire your ability to capture individuality so well with a few (relatively speaking) sure strokes. I also enjoyed browsing your blog; your pieces at a recent show are super, and I'm glad all of you had a successful show. Our family lived in the New York City area and on Long Island, NY for many years--some of the scenes, especially Rockefeller Center, etc. bring back wonderful memories.

  2. I think you did this theme last year too, didn't you? ? So much fun! You're quick to catch the action!

  3. Beautifully composed as well as capturing all the information, practice makes perfect!

  4. Wonderful details... Excellent sketch, Joan!!!

  5. Mary, thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Glad my LI and NYC scenes brought back good memories.

    Tina, every year I search for places with Christmas trees to sketch. They are becoming harder to find...or at least ones where I can sit in my car and see something. lol

    Celia, thanks so much. You know I've had a lot of practice with these.

    Hilda, thank so much!!!