Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tree Shopping and PALS Show Photos

I've been on a search for places selling Christmas trees to so some sketching.
I found this one along Route 25 in Ridge.

This weekend was our 5th Annual PALS Plein Air Show and Sale at the BAFFA Gallery of the Gillette House in Sayville. From April to the beginning of December we painted at 26 different locations on Long Island. The camaraderie between the artists is special and we all look forward to painting together, but seeing all the finished paintings together is just amazing. Here are some photos from the show.

The top left and bottom right paintings are mine.

The top painting of the field is mine.

The red dahlia painting on the bottom is mine too.

Here I am with one of my paintings.

And here are most of the artists.

We sold several paintings off the wall, many matted paintings, cards, books, etc. 
It was a really successful show!
My thanks to Jeanne Salucci who has organized this group, selects our locations, and works so hard to make this show happen!!!


  1. Such a nice group of Artists, Joan...and love your sketch of tree shopping!

  2. Thanks Hilda. We had a lot of fun together and the show was really busy which is nice. Maybe tomorrow will be a bit calmer and I can get back to painting...oh no, I still have shopping to do. lol

  3. Wow, I sure wish I could've seen this show! Congrats to all!

  4. Congratulations to you and your friends, the show looks incredible! It must also bring back wonderful memories of painting on location.

  5. Dear Joan - sounds like a wonderful show and your paintings look so lovely hanging. I especially liked the dahlia. The sketch of the tree shoppers was wonderful too. It is always so impressive how you manage to make those cars look good! Take care and have a great day.

  6. These are wonderful Joan!! I instantly recognized the Dahlia!!!! Hope it was a lot of fun!

  7. Always love the selection of the tree paintings, Joan. This is another winner! So happy to see your show and you with your painting too. So pretty!

  8. Thanks Tina, Celia, Debbie, Lin, and Sherry. I wish all of you could have been tree for the show.