Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sunflower Field

My PALS plein air group went out to Riverhead on Tuesday and painted at a sunflower field at one of the north fork farms. I liked that there was a view of the barns in the background.
This is 8 x 10.

I also did a quick small 4 x 6 painting done directly in watercolor.


  1. What a beautiful scene you painted Joan! The flowers are so well painted and love the barns in the distance, wonderful work!

  2. What a lovely painting and composition. Very Provence in South of France!

  3. Beautiful. I had no idea there were sunflower farms out in Riverhead. I learn a lot from you.

  4. Hilda, thanks so much. The north fork is such a great place.

    Polly, thank you.

    Carol, thanks. A lot of the farms and even the wineries have them.

  5. Looks like this was a gorgeous day! I think sunflower fields would be stunning to see!

  6. Joan - I can feel the sunshine on those flowers even though the sky looks gray. You really caught the contrast of light there. I too enjoyed seeing the barns in the background - makes the painting so interesting.