Friday, August 29, 2014

DUMBO - Part 2

Back in DUMBO after lunch we headed off to sketch in another location that Mark had picked out....but on the way we saw a spot that we had to stop and sketch. lol So the plan was to sketch for 15 minutes before moving on. I said I couldn't sketch anything in 15 minutes but Michael told me to use pen, work within the confines of a small box and "just go for it." So I did...and did 3 mini sketches on one page at that location. I used a pen that bled a bit if you added water quickly.

It is rare to have us all sitting in one location so I was able to get a lot of the sketchers in a few photos.

Then it was off to Water & Washington Streets where some of us were actually sitting IN THE STREET to sketch. We were right next to a fire hydrant in the parking space, on the sidewalk and on the steps. Luckily there was very little traffic, and the artists who were standing in the street to sketch were able to move out of the way easily. This particular location attracts a lot of people taking pictures. While we were sketching there was a photo shoot taking place, and people were taking photos of us too. lol

This was what we were sketching.

At this point most of the sketchers were heading back where we had started in the morning.
My car was close to this location so Susan and I decided to sketch where we were rather than retracing our steps and then having to come back again. This was my last sketch of the day.

Although we didn't get to see all the sketchbooks at the end of the day, Shawne took a photo of all of them and that is what I am posting here.

Again, it was another full day of sketching.


  1. It looks like such a wonderful day, Joan. Excellent 15 min. sketches and love your sketch of "Corner of Water and Washington Street!!!"
    Did anyone sketch the wedding party down the block...a perfect spot for wedding pictures!!!

  2. Really like the ink washes as they provide a nice change of pace. All of your sketches on this day were wonderful, Joan. I often wonder how artists manage the cityscapes. The always overwhelm me at the thought of attempting.

  3. Thanks, Hilda. I don't know if anyone sketched the bridal party.

    Sherry, thanks so much. You have to focus on one building at a time.

  4. ...fab display of sketches, looks like you have a super group there :-)