Monday, August 11, 2014

Marina View

Last week the Patchogue Sketch Club met at a local marina in Patchogue.
Although the sunset never got a lot of color the view was still nice.


  1. This is a beautiful watercolor Joan! Nice work !! Yesterday I spent 4 hours canoeing on the Peconic River......I thought of you...and how your group would have loved this. Beautiful scenery ..however....lots of work with least for

  2. Great stuff Joan. Looking back, I really admired the freshness of the ink sketches on the beach. Wildflowers revisited is a symphony of colour and texture. Beautiful!!

  3. Hilda - Canoeing sounds great! I can sit in the back and sketch. lol Thanks.

    Kevin - Thanks so much.

  4. How beautiful!! If it was an overcast day (I'm not a sun worshiper), I can see myself sitting in a comfy deck chair with a good book right in this spot!