Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Andrews Farm Revisited

Today my Tuesday morning art group, PALS (see the blog list on the right) returned to the Andrews & Sons Family Farm in Calverton. Denise Andrews, the sales manager, has been so welcoming to our group. I swear she sets up the colorful displays with us in mind. It was a cool, windy day but that didn't deter us. We all dressed warmly and painted away.
This is 8 x 10.

Here are some photos from the day.

The chickens out back.

Laurie trying to keep warm.

Jeanne and Arlene (who brought donuts again).

Laurie #2 painting the flowers.

Marlene doing her pastel magic.

Susan using a riot of color.

Rosamaria, Marlene, and Susan swapping stories.


  1. A most gorgeous spot and looks like a fun day all around, Joan. Love all your autumnal oranges in your painting.

  2. A lot of inspiration to pick from! I love how your painting turned out with the green umbrella and all the beautiful colors of fall!

  3. Beautiful scene, Joan! It looks like another wonderful day!!!

  4. More fun photos. Love seeing people out painting. Wish we could see their work tho. Yours is wonderful.

  5. Fabulous photos Joan and your painting is so colourful and full of interest

  6. Sherry - Thanks. I like all the autumnal colors.

    Celia - Thanks. It is an inspiring place.

    Hilda - I love going out east. You must love it out there too. Thanks.

    Chris - Next time I'll try to take photos with more of their work showing. Thanks.

    Lorraine - Thank you so much!

  7. So much fun to have friends to paint with! And I love those chickens. Great looking venue for painting.

  8. Dear Joan - you are so blessed to have friends who love to paint along with you. It must make the experience that much richer. The colors of those fall things are fabulous. Hope you have a wonderful day.