Friday, October 25, 2013

Travels in Maine Part II

I stand corrected. This morning when we walked into town we came across this pumpkin which weighed in at 1,055 pounds!!! I don't know how they lift them to get them into place. Each of them has a card listing the grower, the artist(s) and the weight. This is the biggest one we found so far. They are on display in front of a lot of the businesses in town.

Today our travels took us up north about 40 minutes to Rockland. We weren't sure if it would be warm enough to sit outside to paint so we bundled up again. It was just tolerable!

Here are Mickey and Tina sitting on a bench. Mickey was already finished and Tina was putting the finishing touches on her painting. 

I faced a different direction from them looking at the rocks and trees.

Here is the painting with the view behind it.

By this time we were frozen and starving so we headed into town for lunch...yummy sea scallops at the Rockland Cafe. After lunch we headed slightly north to Camden which is again right along the water.
I painted the church with the steeple and some of the town buildings. We were sitting in the park so some of the park foliage is in the foreground.

Then we went shopping to warm up a bit.


  1. You are intrepid!! Great paintings and hope you enjoyed the shopping hopefully for a hot coffee. The pumpkin is unbelievable

  2. Good morning Joan! Love your Maine photos! Love Maine! Especially in the fall! Your paintings, as always, are superb! A great painting history of your travels! The pumpkins are the best! Keep on painting and having fun!
    Maine Lover!

  3. I always wonder if those huge pumpkins are good to eat still or if they get too soft or too hard inside because of their size. Anyway, love that all three of you girls are artists. Are you the baby?

  4. Thanks, Polly!

    Michael - I love Maine too and don't get up here enough. It would be nice to be here when it was a little warmer...but now is OK too.

    Sherry- I don't know if they eat them. Like most veggies I think they are better when they are a smaller size. I am the middle child in the family. My sister Tina and my brother Joe are younger than me. Mickey and Fran were older than me, but there is only a 10 year span between oldest and youngest so we were all pretty close.