Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seatuck Marsh

We are lucky here on Long Island to have so many areas of water.
This was done at the Seatuck Preserve in Islip.
This is 4 x 10.


  1. Interesting marshy landscape Joan. Just wondering what type of wildlife lives there. Great sketch definitely gives me a feeling and image of what you were seeing.

  2. The Tuscany and Maine sketches are an absoloute joy, Wonderful work Joan!! This marsh picture is lovely, You've got brilliant perspective which is supported by those clever, receeding fence posts, the colours are great and the elongated format does it to a turn. I think you have done some amazing work recently, I only wish I could match your output!!! Beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful panorama, I love that you have included the power lines in the distance. Very beautiful!

  4. Such a great point of view, Joan! I love the size of your paper and it works beautifully for this piece. Wonderful!!

  5. Thanks Laura. As far as I have seen there are mostly birds and an occasional fox.

    hilda - Thanks.

    Kevin - Thanks. These are the ones I need to cut special mats for.

    Celis - I think the power lines add a lot. Thank you.

    Sherry - I like this shape and size.