Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oyster Pond View

While I was out near Greenport the other day painting the beach cottage I continued along the road to the Oyster Ponds. I sat in the beach parking lot opposite from this to paint. It was much too windy by the water to paint outside. My paper would have blown across the water before I knew it. This is about 4 x 10.


  1. Beautiful, the format fits the subject well.

  2. What a super super job, Joan!!! LOVE IT!! Will you be going to the wine and cheese and demo by Jean on Friday night? Would love to see you there -- or maybe we could go together?

  3. Love the great feeling of distance and depth!
    Very nice job Joan!

  4. This is such a beautiful spot, Joan. I imagine it is called Oyster Pond for the reasons of oysters living within? You did another gorgeous plein air piece (sitting in the car outside painting what you see constitutes plein air painting in my book)!

  5. Jo - Thanks. I like that format for water scenes.

    Lin - Thanks. If I had known about the demo I would have made plans.

    Michael - Thanks so much.

    Sherry - I think the town was built around the oyster harvesting done there. Thanks.

  6. Wonderful landscape. I like the long thin format.
    Happy Painting.