Monday, October 22, 2012

On Saturday I went exploring and found the Saddle Rock Grist Mill which is located in Great Neck. It is a historical landmark and is possibly the oldest tidal gristmill in the country. It was built in 1792 from mill equipment brought over from England as well as local materials. It was in continuous operation until 1940. The mill sits alongside Udall's Pond where trading vessels would land from the Atlantic Ocean, arriving from either the East River, or Long Island Sound, and return loaded with corn flour from the mill.
Of course I timed my visit wrong and it was closed for the season. I was able to get a view of it from the park next to it, where my only company was about 100 Canadian geese. I will have to go back and sketch it again. It is in a really nice spot.


  1. Another one of your best Joan!
    Nice, very nice!

  2. A beautiful Grist mill painting..nice dark shadows on the building from the trees!! Another favorite..

  3. This is a stunning piece, Joan. I love old mills that have these water wheels. Look at the gorgeous setting too. Great work!

  4. Joan this is a lovely painting. It definitely should be revisited. Your mill looks great. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Michael - You are so kind!

    Hilda - This was a new spot for me. I didn't know it existed. Thanks.

    Tina - Thank you.

    Sherry - I thought of you when I went there. Thanks.

    Debbie - Thank you. I'll have to go back when it is open to the public. I'd like to get a view from across the water.

  6. Oh how utterly charming!!! GREAT JOB on this complex house!!!!