Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beach Cottage

I took a ride out to Greenport on Monday specifically to go paint one of these cottages. I had been out there this summer and the cottages attracted my attention. Of course in the summer almost anywhere you really want to paint on the eastern end of Long Island has no parking except for residents. Once the season is over it is easier to park, but as it was there were signs everywhere telling me I was under "video surveillance" on Monday. I parked anyway figuring if an owner came over they should be flattered that I was painting their cottage. I sat in the car to paint so nobody got nervous. lol
This is 5 x 7
I really need to get out that way to paint more since I am joining a few artist friends in sharing wallspace in a gallery in Greenport starting in December. I planned to drop by the gallery and check out the space and the competition but by the time I finished 2 paintings the gallery was closed for the day. Looks like I will just have to go back out. lol


  1. This is beautiful Joan!! Let me know which gallery you will be exhibiting your paintings! You should put this one in as well!!

  2. Love this painting, such a great subject to choose too. Your gallery space in December sounds fun, do tell more when the times comes.

  3. MARVELOUS!!! INCREDIBLE shadows on the porch!

  4. And a lovely cottage it is, Joan. As always, you did a wonderful job. I wish I could do half as well!

  5. Joan!
    I love the "Beach Cottage"! Makes me want to get to the ocean ASAP!
    Also love your fall scene! Love the autumn and you captured it very well!
    I very much enjoy checking out your wonderful blog on a daily basis because I know I am going to see some great art.
    Thanks for posting for all to enjoy!
    Your art buddy,

  6. Hilda - Thanks! I plan on putting this in there.

    Ann - Thanks so much!

    Lin - I had fun with this. Thanks.

    Sherry - Thanks. I will have to go back there again. I love that spot.

    Brinda - Thanks!

    Michael - Thank you so much for visiting so often!

  7. Very nice. Good work on the structure and feel of it all.