Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I never met a lobster I didn't like. This was dinner the other day, and he so kindly posed for me. I did this in my journal so it is about 4 x 6.


  1. He looks delicious! I'm wondering if he really had a choice in whether to pose or not.....

  2. Joan, this is phenomenal!!! I thought it was a photo! Truly, your work is so beautiful and inspiring!

  3. absolutely STUPENDOUS!!! What a beauty! I'm heading your way with my claw crackers and bib! LOVE LOVE the beach scenes below! Glorious work!

  4. wow... really wonderful job Joan... I thought it was a photo

  5. I thought it was a photo too! LOL We're all on the same page and come on Joan. Wouldn't you just love to get together to teach me how to paint?????? Prettypleasewithsugarontop???

  6. Nancy - Thanks. He had no say in the matter!

    Rose - Thanks so much.

    Lin - I'll save one for you. Thanks.

    Jamila - Thank you.

    Sherry - That would be fun. Thanks so much.