Saturday, November 19, 2011

Caumsett Park View

This is a painting that I did last weekend up near Caumsett State Park in Lloyd's Neck (one of the top 10 richest zipcodes in the country). This is the road in front of the park. It is a lovely area, but besides the state park you can't park anywhere along the road...and the views are beautiful. This is about 4 x 6.


  1. Beautiful painting Joan. Love you Manhattan sketches as well, see you next week.


  2. You have such a great way with portraying the darks and lights... I need to take a lesson from you!

  3. LOVELY! LOVELY!! I see your trees are losing a lot of leaves too --- hate to see that happen!

  4. Just wonderful...You have got the light and shadow so well!

  5. The views are indeed beautiful, Joan. This is spectacular!

  6. Very nice Joan.! Great shadows. I've passed through this area....great scenery and gorgeous homes as well.

  7. Joan - Thanks. We seem to still have a few more plein airs before it gets too cold.

    Rose - Thanks so much.

    Lin - Thanks. I think they all fell off this week!

    Brinda - Many thanks.

    Sherry - Thank you!

    Hilda - It is such a nice spot. Thanks.