Thursday, November 10, 2011

Autumn at Longwood

I returned to Longwood Estate in Ridge yesterday to do a small autumn sketch while the weather was still nice. This is in my Stillman and Birn journal and is about 4 x 6.


  1. I just love autumn in the Northeast.. really miss it! You captured the colors so beautifully and I really feel like I was there. I wish I could come with you and paint these delicious scenes! You're a natural for plein air painting, Joan! xox

  2. Hi Joan
    Beautiful work on these recent watercolours... love this one and the feel of sunlight and shadows on the grounds...

  3. favorite season. So beautiful and so idyllic!

  4. Rose - Thank you so much. I can't imagine not having the changing colors.

    Jamila - Thanks!

    Sherry - Glad you like it. Thanks.

  5. So beautifully done, Joan! It seems the color change finally got up there -- I love the yellow against the red!!! WELL DONE! And the store! How fun to be snug indoors away from the cold, painting ... but I wouldn't be able to resist the cupcakes, I'm afraid! LOL